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We are Climate Campaigners.


Climate change is the challenge of our time. While policymakers, corporations and other institutions of power have a responsibility to act, solving climate change will require society as a whole to come together. We, the citizens, can be part of that solution, and drive the change towards a clean, sustainable future.

Welcome to the project site of Climate Campaigners. Uniting science institutes, cities and municipalities, civil society organizations and digital entrepreneurs, we provide a global climate action tool, integrating social science research insights and policy support with grassroots action.

On this site, you will be able to read more about our project and its campaign, access our reports and publications, and get to know the partners and cities that co-create this project.



Comprehensive Mapping of Individual Behaviour to Anthropogenic GHG Emissions

The primary aim of this analysis is to establish the relationship between citizens’ characteristics and living conditions, and their carbon emitting behaviours.



Scope of actions to reduce GHG intensity of daily life in Lighthouse Cities

A comprehensive analysis of climate-related habits in our Lighthouse Cities, providing inputs for local and regional policy formulation that can prove valuable also to other cities.



The carbon footprint calculation model for the CLIMATE CAMPAIGNERS.

Based on previous research, our partners have created a calculation model of consumption-based carbon footprint, fit for the Climate Campaigners app.


Climate action - on the ground.

In this project, citizens will be empowered to be Climate Campaigners themselves - supported by our Lighthouse Cities. Read more about them here.

Lighthouse Cities

Our Partners

Moving into the future.

One of the key challenges for the world in dealing with climate change is how to achieve truly sustainable mobility. In the EU alone, the sector represents 27% of the total emissions, and steadily growing. Read more about mobility in Climate Campaigners here.


Home is where the heart is.

It's time to reimagine how we design, construct and renovate buildings. Whether it's on an industrial and societal scale, or the kind of unit we have the most personal power over - our homes. Read more about housing and domestic energy consumption in Climate Campaigners here.


You are what you eat.

In a sustainable food system, not only are there huge wins from a climate and environmental perspective - health-related, ethical and financial benefits are also there to enjoy. Read more about food in Climate Campaigners here.


Meaningful consumption, across the board.

As with previous specific categories, consumption in general should take place within the planetary boundaries - and there are many ways we can move closer to such a state. Read more about other consumption patterns in Climate Campaigners here.

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