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Cape Town

Cape Town & You

Cape Town has ambitious climate targets, together we can achieve them faster.

We all know that if we want a future, we have to start living CO₂ neutral. We, that is you & me & many other Cape Towners. We want to change our lives, here and now, to make our city greener and more resilient. In concrete terms, this means: We reduce our energy consumption. We opt for sustainable and active transit options. We avoid waste. And we recycle. Our city needs support – from all of us!

Climate Challenges

Start your Climate Challenge. We’re here to support you.

Simply choose a topic that appeals to you — whether it’s energy efficiency, or maybe mobility – to find several related Challenges. Let’s say you select the Laundry-dry-wash Challenge. When you choose that Challenge, you’ll find our tips on (properly!) cleaning clothes without using water, electricity, and, of course, chemical detergents. If you pass the challenge, you will immediately see how much CO₂ you have saved - and how many bonus coins you have collected. If you have already done several #CCchallenges, we will suggest others that might suit you. Which of course makes it easier for you to keep up the challenges and collect more points. Our CO₂-saving tips haven’t been pulled out of thin air. We work closely with a team of scientists with expertise in CO₂ reduction to curate these suggestions. Our team of experts come from a range of disciplines, and conduct research at universities throughout Europe and in South Africa. They’re working hard to help you find easy and efficient ways to lower your CO₂.

Climate activities

Making Cape Town a carbonless city.

The coastal city of Cape Town is South Africa’s second largest city, home to almost 5 million residents, and serves as the country’s legislative capital. Also known as the Mother City, Cape Town is renowned for its natural beauty, including the unique Cape Floral Kingdom and landmarks such as Table Mountain and the Cape Peninsular. Home to diverse and vibrant communities, Cape Town also has a rich cultural and political history, forming the backdrop to many of the nation’s important historical moments, including during the struggle against the Apartheid system and the transition to democracy. The legacy of Apartheid still poses challenges today in undoing the spatial inequalities that remain and expanding economic opportunities. The City of Cape Town is the governing municipality, responsible for service delivery and development for residents across its almost 2 500km2 area and 300km coastline. The City has committed to being climate resilient and carbon neutral by 2050, and in 2021 launched its Climate Change Action Plan as the roadmap to achieving this goal.

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