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Let’s change Climate Change together.

Download the Climate Campaigners app, take on challenges for a better life, enjoy benefits and share your experiences with others!

If you do something for the climate, that’s good. But if you & many others reduce their CO₂ consumption together, that’s even better – for us and our environment. How can you do that?

Let’s all become Climate Campaigners (CC)! Let’s break habits that waste energy. Let’s take new paths towards a healthier environment. And let’s have fun doing it by taking up #CCchallenges! If you join, you’ll be part of making your city, a vibrant place to live, work and play - from free bus tickets to free admission to concerts. Are you ready?

Your ultimate climate app.

The Climate Campaigners app offers diverse Challenges that can help you to live more CO₂ neutral. You’ll be surprised by what’s possible. Chose the #CCchallenges that matter for you & your community, from reducing waste to greener mobility. Get lots of tips and inspiration, and track and analyse your CO₂ savings – in detail and in real time. And that’s not all! The CC app is much more than just a CO₂ footprint app.

Be part of a worldwide climate community.

Everything works better when we do it together: this also applies to sustainable living. The CC app connects you with Climate Campaigners living in 13 cities and around the world. You can share your experiences with others, get inspirations or invite friends to challenges.

Collect ❤ and City Coins.

With every Climate Challenge, you do something good – so you deserve to be rewarded. That’s why if you take part in the #CCchallenges you will receive global rewards or rewards from your city, such as free bike share, organic t-shirts, unique city experiences etc. Saving the climate doesn’t just make sense: it’s also fun!

Save the climate. Here and now.

We can no longer just watch and wait for politicians and businesses to act. We have to take action ourselves, here and now. The Climate Campaigners app is here to help.


13 cities, 20 million people.

13 cities around the world are joining the Climate Campaigners: Dublin & Milan & Lahti & Izmir & Linz & Grenoble & Freistadt & Vilnius & Pesaro & Skopelos & Trois-Rivières & La Libertad & Cape Town … And that’s just the beginning – more cities are joining soon. Imagine how many we are, how many we can be and how much we can change together!

Your city is not represented … no matter, you can still take part, too ☺

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