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Dublin & You

Dublin has ambitious climate targets, together we can achieve them faster.

We all know that if we want a future, we have to start living CO₂ neutral. We, that is you & me & many other Dubliners. We want to change our lives, here and now, to make our city greener and more resilient. In concrete terms, this means: We reduce our energy consumption. We opt for sustainable and active transit options. We avoid waste. And we recycle. Our city needs support – from all of us!

Climate Challenges

Start your Climate Challenge.

Simply choose a topic that appeals to you — whether it’s energy efficiency, or maybe mobility – to find several related Challenges. Let’s say you select the Laundry-dry-wash Challenge. When you choose that Challenge, you’ll find our tips on (properly!) cleaning clothes without using too much water, electricity, and, of course, chemical detergents. If you pass the challenge, you will immediately see how much CO₂ you have saved - and how many bonus coins you have collected. If you have already done several #CCchallenges, we will suggest others that might suit you. Which of course makes it easier for you to keep up the challenges and collect more points. Our CO₂-saving tips haven’t been pulled out of thin air. We work closely with a team of scientists with expertise in CO₂ reduction to curate these suggestions. Our team of experts come from a range of disciplines, and conduct research at universities around the world. They’re working hard to help you find fun, easy and efficient ways to lower your CO₂.


Free bike share passes, local discounts, unique city experiences ...

Our rewards fit into your life – no matter how you live it. And they fit Dublin, because they come either directly from the city or from companies, organizations and individuals who live here. We’re working with restaurants, bike shops, bookstores, organic food stores and more partners eager to do their part with you as Climate Campaigners. You can find a complete overview of the rewards available in Dublin and their City Coin values in our „Rewards“ guide (pdf). Have fun with your #CCchallenges, and with your points!

Dublin’s climate activities

Making Dublin a carbonless city.

Dublin has a rich natural endowment, that has throughout its existence provided citizens of the city with opportunities to innovate and make Dublin the city it is today. Climate change presents new challenges for the city and its residents. Now as one of the 100 Climate Neutral and Smart Cities, Dublin City will inspire with its determination to protect its natural endowment now and for generations to come. We are striving to meet and exceed our climate targets of 51% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and climate neutrality by 2050. Our climate action plans sets out our ambitions for reaching these targets and making Dublin and the people, who live in the city, resilient to the impacts of climate change.

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